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Rise and fall of Mario Gotze

“It is the final of the FIFA World Cup 2014. The match is tied at 0–0 .Löw substitutes Gotze in the 88th minutes and tells him “Show the world you are better than Messi and can decide the World Cup.” As fate would have it, Götze scores the only goal in the Final of the FIFA world cup, controlling André Schürrle’s cross on his chest and volleying the ball into the net, Rather than traditionally heading the ball. This is the only Goal that is scored and separates the two Finalists. Germany is the champions of the World a fourth time and a 22-year old Mario Gotze is the hero of the German Triumph. He is the first substitute to score a World Cup-winning goal, and the youngest player to score in a World Cup Final since fellow German Wolfgang Weber in 1966, who was the same age, Götze is also named the Man of the Match”.

It has been six years since the FIFA World Cup triumph of Mario Gotze, and in the last six years, this goal is one of the only football accomplishments that Gotze is now remembered for, other than a disheartening Story of his downfall.

And today, the Second most expensive German footballer is a free agent at the age of 28, with very few link-ups.

In the FIFA 14 Video Game, Mario Gotze’s potential overall surpasses even that of Neymar’s, and at the time, Gotze was indeed considered to be in the same league as that of Neymar.

But today, Mario Gotze is just remembered as the Golden Boy of German who failed to up to his potential.

What exactly happened?

A Mismatch Made in Heaven?

In 2013, a 21-year-old Mario Gotze made his transfer to FC Bayern Munich. This was a dream come true because firstly, Bayern is one of the most elite clubs in the whole world, and secondly, Pep Guardiola.

Gotze wanted to play under Guardiola who had revolutionized the position of a false 9 or an emergency striker with Leo Messi. And now Gotze was ready to create a niche for himself in the football world. The then manager, Jurgen Klopp maintains that no matter how much Dortmund tried to convince Mario, he would not stay. He was a Guardiola favorite.

However, things under Guardiola did not go as planned. Guardiola used Mandzukic to such effect that he never needed a false 9 and when Lewandowski joined, later on, Gotze became a misfit under the very coach that had revolutionized his preferred position.

According to sportskeeda, Guardiola’s biographer Marti Perarnau, the Catalan went with the German on his squad list as Neymar’s replacement. “There was no player he devoted more time to,” Perarnau told a local newspaper. “

“Götze did a lot better at Bayern than he was given credit for.” This was true to some extent, as Götze in his first season under Pep made more than 30 appearances in all competitions, This was, however, before his old partner from Dortmund, Lewandowski arrived.”

The three years that he spends at Bayern mostly consisted of playing out of position, fighting off the criticism from the club hierarchy, and dealing with injuries.

Return to Dortmund.

In 2016, Gotze returned to Dortmund and now people began hailing the earlier days of Reus and Gotze. He even stated that he regretted joining Bayern Munich. The first season mostly consisted of finding a place in the new system and discovering his old form. However, in February 2017, he was diagnosed with a metabolic disease, myopathy, which resulted in him getting fatigued easily while also gaining weight.

And with this injury, the rest of his career was hampered to such an extent that in May 2020, it was announced that Mario would leave Dortmund and become a free agent.

Horror Injury discovered

Mario Gotze was a victim of injuries since his early days. He had missed the Champions League final between Bayern and Dortmund in 2013, owing to a torn thigh muscle.

Lothar Matthaus, working as a pundit, argued the injury was psychosomatic and stress-related.

However much to the dismay of Matthaus, injuries continue to plague Gotze throughout his career till a horror discovery was made in 2017.

In February 2017, BVB issued a press release to explain that the source of Mario Götze’s recurring muscle injuries. It was revealed that the player suffered from Myopathy — a metabolism disorder that was not only rare but also hard to detect.

The club maintained that the player would be out for an indefinite period. Newspaper articles speculated that this disease

was the reason that Mario Götze struggled with weight gain despite working out more than most team-mates.

Next for Mario Gotze

AC Milan, Roma, Fiorentina, and Monaco are some of the clubs that could link up with the player with Monaco being the most realistic option, with Kovac as their new manager.

There were speculations of a Gotze-Klopp reunion, given that Klopp has always hailed and supported him. But the possibilities of that are highly unlikely.

The story of Gotze is nothing less than a romantic tragedy by Victor Hugo. Whatever may come, Gotze can still find a good club in the top five leagues, given he is only 28 and might have another three years of top football in him. However, at the same time he is walking on thin ice as one more injury could end his career permanently.

Author: Hamzah Mattoo has been following football religiously ever since the FIFA world cup 2006, when he was 7 years old and now after missing the chance to make a career in football, has decided to contribute through his words.
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