Manchester City : Reason for the Premier league success

English Premier League is the greatest football league in the world. Winning the league is no less than conquering the world. They were out of the picture for a long time and their last win was in 1968 until this decade. This decade witnessed the rise of Blues and became the winner of Premier league for maximum number of times.
This started with coach Manchini in 2012. The Blues were becoming a strong team with a powerful core system. They had Silva, Toure, Nasri in their midfield. Along with them they had Aguero in front and defence was guarded by Kompany and Zabaleta. With these players they came up as an invincible force.
Ya Ya Toure was one of the finest central defensive midfielders. His ball control, passing ability, and strong tackle made the foundation of a strong team. Along with him City Silva’s brilliance and Aguero’s goal scoring ability strengthen the team. They ended the long wait of 44 years and won the much awaited EPL in 2012.
After Manchini left Pelligrini came and managed the same strong team. They were good in all sections and that was a team of potential stars. The side won the league in 2013 again and they reached a new height of success by winning 2 league titles in 3 years.
Unfortunately Pelligrini could not win more titles in the next two years. Thus the end of the season brought an end to his reign and signed one of the most successful coaches of world Pep Guardiola. With his entrance to the club, a lot of youth faces appeared and legends to be born are there.
After an unspectacular first season, Guardiola brought in players suited to his total football philosophy and spurred others to greater heights. Guardiola may have taken City to greatness, but he has been well backed by a club that has been transformed beyond all recognition in the past decade. The money he needed has been available, with more than £200million spent on a squad revamp in 2017.
They signed Mahrez and Debruyne and the rest is history. KDB is considered as one of the best youth to play in the EPL . The incoming of such talented youths and the presence of an experienced side made a good match which resulted in them winning two consecutive league titles.
They came up as one of the strongest sides of EPL but their victory was limited in the national level. They were unable to make a mark in the Champions League although they had a great side. Hope to see some magic in the coming years .

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