Borussia Dortmund : The Comeback King in Europe

German are the world cup winners for four times and gave birth to a number of great players through decades. But the club football is not so much popular here. Inspite of that two club names are worth to mention and these are Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. Bayern shares the major limelight when it comes to International fame or in winning trophies but they are also not left behind. The birth of this historical club is from consensus dissatisfaction with a local, Catholic church-sponsored league led nine men to search for new opportunities to play football. This is how they fight with the local priest to play football.
The Black and Yellow came into existence from 1913 and from then they played in local tournaments and started winning them. Every club faced crisis throughout their journey but here the numbers are more . From financial crisis to political crisis the club has gone through every thing . Their newly appointed third Reich was fired for not supporting the Nazi party during the pretext of world war. Some of the club members were executed for writing anti-Nazi pamphlets.
After the World war was over, they appeared in the national league in 1949 but they won their first title in 1956. They also won the league for the next year and they also won the final league in 1963 before the birth of Bundesliga. Dortmund also played a major role in forming today’s Bundesliga. Dortmund hosted the 1962 meeting of the German Football Association that resulted in the league’s creation. Sixteen teams, including Dortmund, were selected to play in Germany’s official professional football league.
Despite their success in 50s and 60s they had to face major financial problem during the 70s became their main problem . They were relegated from the main league during this. But they are true warriors to come back after buiding their stadium Westfalenstadion(Currently named Signal Iduna Park). With their new stadium they are welcomed in the Bundesliga in 1974. But their financial problems keep rolling in their 80s.
Their Golden age started with Otmar Hitzfeld took over the reins as Borussia’s manager. To the Dortmund fans the mid 90s is known as their golden age with consequitive league title in 95 and 96. They entered in the Champions League in the season of 1996-97 with defeating the defending champions Juventus. With this they won their one and only Champions league in 97. They also acquire the Intercontinental cup in that year. This club gifted a number of players in this time such as Alessandro Del Piero, Christian Vieri and the young Zinedine Zidane.
Their financial crisis again came up as their problem in the 21st century and they get relegated in 2006-07 and 2007-08 seasons. But Klopp came to the Dortmund with his magical wand and shaped the team. Klopp’s early record was decent, resulting in a 5th place finish in 2010 before the 2010-11 season which brought BVB back into the international spotlight. During this time a number of players came up such as Nuri Sahin (21), Mario Gotze (18) and Mats Hummels (21). In 2013 they made to Champions league final but unfortunately lost to the mighty German team Bayern.
This roller coaster journey would not be possible if they did not receive support from their fans. They had the highest average attendance in the world. With this tremendous support they are able to achieve the unthinkable.

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